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Beautiful Morning With Her
I sat there on my bed, staring straight ahead. I don’t know what it was. I don’t know whether it was the alcohol or the fact it was shying over 5AM, with the mother sun beginning its ascent over our city. Our city. The place we met, the place we live together. Behind her was the sun and the city through strong plexi-glass windows… she undressed out of her dress that looked privileged to rest upon the skin that of which so pure, must belong to a noble. The fabric slowly eroded off of her, like a clam opening up to a pearl, and she walked closer… Her hand cupped my stagnant feeling cheek, and two jade crystals of unimaginable paragon looked me over. She spoke, as if calling me from a sleep spanning eons.
“It’s alright… you won’t have to suffer alone anymore. I’m here…”
She guided my opposite hand to her breast, not with lewd intentions, but to feel something more substantial. A steady beat of a heart. This pulse of lif
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Mature content
Iris. :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 13 10
Mature content
Victim, Victim. :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 43 19
There once was a boy
who held many beautiful flowers.
He held those flowers dearly.
He loved them so.
those flowers did not feel the same.
One by one, the flowers began to
Noticing this, the boy said nothing.
"I hope they'll be happy wherever they go."
Soon, the boy had no flowers at all.
He began to cry.
He cried for days.
He wept himself an entire ocean.
A nice fairy noticed the boy crying.
As did a corrupt witch.
The fairy said to him:
"Little boy, Little boy,
why is it that you cry?"
He answered:
"I cry because all my flowers are gone."
She replied:
"Little boy, Little boy, you must know
all flowers move on. They will not stay forever.
But there will be more."
After that, the fairy left the boy, before his ocean of tears.
Next the corrupt witch approached him,
appearing as a beautiful woman,
carrying a basket.
She sang:
"Little Boy, Little Boy,
why is it that you cry?"
The boy told the witch the same thing that he told the fairy.
The witch grinned.
"Little Boy,
:iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 8 7
Draw yourself a delusion or two.
Was it even real? What're you even worth?
Come on, face the truth, fool.
Draw yourself a fallacy.
Look in the mirror and deny it.
Lie to yourself.
Contort your mind, your teeth grit.
Fill me with regret,
Fill me with rage.
Tell me the truth
…and let me out of this goddamn cage.
Draw yourself a delusion or two.
Reality is too hard.
Go on, give it up fool.
It's completely okay.
You can rest for today.
:iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 6 3
Mature content
New Game + I :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 22 31
Mature content
Muse Revival, Round 2 :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 10 4
Mature content
(Mixing) Business, Heat, and Pleasure. :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 69 65
Mature content
Objection. :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 16 26
Mature content
Asphyxiation :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 4 0
Mature content
Cheria Grin (Part II) :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 15 1
Mature content
Cheria Grin (Part I) :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 18 2
Mature content
Oppressive Heat :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 6 6
'nother ID by AriaXexias 'nother ID :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 0 2
Mature content
Moisture. ~ :iconariaxexias:AriaXexias 73 79
I sit here, laying in bed, wrapped neatly in the sheets that my mother spontaneously bought for me. My eyes remained transfixed on the obnoxiously yellow digital numbers on the cable box, sitting predominantly on my television. 1:21, it read. Christ, I have to get up in 5 hours for school. Actually, less than 5. Dammit.
AGH. Again with that maddening sound. Above my room, my brother lives in the attic. He's always up late doing god-knows-what. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother to death. We are both clinically depressed, and because of that, we've become so much closer. But if I have to sit through another sleepless night of hearing thumpthumpthump again, I'll lose my mind.
After what seems to be an endless passage of time, I look at my clock which reads: 1:22. Dammit. I'll never get to sleep like this… I sit up in my bed, rubbing my face, feeling the plague of my eyes wanting rest, but my body passively awake. I bet I'll just end up braving t
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Literature Deviation Tutorial
dA Literature Tutorial: reading and submitting
Reading Literature on DeviantART
Each literature deviation is displayed within a box (there may also be a preview image displayed above it). The first line in this box is always the deviation title, as a first-level heading. The second line has the word "by" followed by the author's username (as a link). The rest of the deviation has been written by the author.
At the top, right-hand corner of a literature deviation, you may see five buttons, depending on the category. These buttons will be my main focus for this part of the tutorial.
(at the moment, I think the categories are a bit buggy - as of December 9, 2012, or possibly earlier, this seems to have been fixed. But sometimes the buttons won't load right and the page needs to be refreshed)
Adjusting the font size
The first button shows a picture of two letter A's, side-by-side. It's used to toggle the size of the font,
:iconasjjohnson:AsjJohnson 305 208
Mature content
Lesbian Erotica :iconhellsing-lover13:Hellsing-Lover13 775 616
The Lights by alicexz The Lights :iconalicexz:alicexz 44,767 1,856


Yeesh, this skeletal ass account is still here collecting dust, lmfao
It seems there's still a couple of people reading through my stuff, eh? I sometimes go through them and see how much of a shitty writer I was. I'm a bit better, imo. c: I plan to try to get back into writing, so to whoever's reading this, look forward to garbage. ~ 


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